We can now both share his passion for the future...

Big Brother Stuart Chittenden and Little Brother Ky-Antre were matched in 2006 when Ky-Antre was 10 years old. From the beginning, he was not afraid to accept a challenging match.

Ky-Antre was a young boy being raised with his younger sister by a single mother in a part of Omaha, Nebraska characterized by poverty and violence. Many other factors weighed heavily on Ky-Antre, but nothing could stand in his way to have a role model like Stuart.
Stuart has encouraged Ky-Antre to be a leader and become involved in school activities. Together they participated in outreach activities to support the Big Brothers Big Sisters’ program. Excelling in his presentation skills from this program, Ky-Antre received the 2011 Voices for Children Youth Award, given to a young person who has personally triumphed in the face of challenging circumstances.

Ky-Antre now wants more from life and understands the need for a college education. As a junior in high school, he is also enrolled in the Upward Bound Math and Science Program at Creighton University. Beyond school, Ky-Antre is actively involved in church activities and is learning to give back to the community.

"Looking back, it's ironic that doing something so big begins with something so little. It's impossible to know how life would have transpired for both of us if we had never met, but it seems remarkable that we can now both share his passion for the future, include the 'undreamed' of possibility of college to study the dramatic arts", says Stuart.

It’s no surprise that Ky-Antre plans to be a Big Brother when he is an adult.