Jack White and Mary Hamilton put their money where their time is

Jack White and Mary Hamilton put their money where their time is.

Their relationship with Big Brothers Big Sisters started in 2007 when they became volunteers and donors after attending an inspiring informational session.“I had been a mentor for a short time while in graduate school in North Carolina but never knew you could be a Big Couple,” Mary recalls. “That appealed to us.”They became a mentor to Matthew, whom they consider a part of their family. “He stands on our deck and says ‘I’m going to have a place like this when I grow up,’” Mary says. “So we think it’s our job to show him how.”

The couple has arranged numerous career-oriented and hands-on opportunities for the 13-year-old, including shadowing their veterinarian, a tour of a power plant, a demonstration at a metal fabrication shop, and a special session at UNO’s Aviation Program. “We talk about Matthew a lot, so people often offer us shadowing opportunities,” Mary notes.

Both Jack and Mary have delved into five or six different career paths in their lives, ranging from academia to the private sector to government work. Currently, Jack is retired and Mary works in the School of Public Administration at UNO. Their diverse experiences have inspired them to help Matthew realize his potential. “We want Matthew to get a sense of all the different things you can do in life,” Mary says.

In fact, that’s their hope for all Littles in the area – even ones not yet identified. “We would like to see Big Brothers Big Sisters expand to serve more Littles, but to first achieve its mission rather than grow in size,” Jack explains. “Helping boys and girls to feel wanted – and mentoring them to become good citizens, friends, siblings, and children who are prepared to lead happy and rewarding lives – will benefit them, their families and society overall.”

Jack and Mary have seen firsthand how those experiences often take significant resources. That’s why they continue to financially support and invest their time in BBBS.“As we’ve learned more about Big Brothers Big Sisters, our respect for the
organization, its leaders and staff has grown,” Jack notes. “We’re delighted to be playing a role in helping the organization excel in achieving its purpose.”